Wednesday, October 7, 2009

PAPER MARBLING by Sandra Larkin Douglas

1. Cut cardstock into desired size. I like 4¼ X 5 ½, because it works so nicely with 8½ X 11 sheets of cardstock and because I have many quotations typed out that fit nicely on that size.
2. Mark one side with initials, if you have more than 2 or 3 in the group. (they will never recognize their own once it is dry)
3. Spray the other side with alum water and wait a few minutes for it to dry (recipe follows) or you could dip it in a dish of alum water, if you don’t have a spray bottle. The alum allows the
paint to adhere to the paper.
4. Mix paints (2 or 3 colors only) Squirt a teaspoon of acrylic paint into a small cup, add water and stir until the consistency is about like buttermilk.
5. Pour laundry starch into an appropriate sized pan about 1 ½ inches deep
6. Using an eye dropper, drop paint onto the starch. (you want the paint to float on the top of the starch, not sink to the bottom.) Put about 5 drops of 1 color and 4 or 5 of a 2nd color. Don’t use more than 3 colors, as they will turn into brown.

Step 6

7. Use a large-tonged comb or a popsicle stick and very gently skim the surface one time only, to drag the colors to intersect with one another.

Step 7

8. Lay the alum-sprayed side of the paper onto the surface of the starch and count, 1 one-thousand, 2 one-thousand 3, and lift out gently.

Setting the color

9 Lay it out on newspaper for about 5 minutes, to set the color.

Finished Craft

10 Rinse in a pan of clear water and lay out to dry entirely.
11 You can continue using the same pan of starch, but will need to add more drops of paint for each piece of paper.

If you aren’t happy with the result, allow to dry only a few minutes or blow dry with a hair dryer until most of the water is gone, but the paper is still damp. Using a toothpick, dip into the paint cup and add more marks on the paper or use a toothbrush and splatter the paper, or just any tool to make marks. Lay out to dry entirely.

•The edges can be colored with stamp pads (dragging the edge of the paper across the pad)
•You can add rubber stamp images, use stencils, stickers or any other embellishments.
•I glue on quotations and/or prayers.
•Use a half sheet of card stock for dipping. When it’s dry, cut it in half, then cut one half in half again. The larger piece is used to glue a quote or poem, the smaller 2 are for bookmarks. Punch a hole, glue on a short quote, and tie on a ribbon.
•If you use a ½ sheet, you can fold that in half and make a greeting card.
•I’ve also used lighter-weight paper and folded it into an envelope and then a greeting card, or several quote cards can go inside.

Alum recipe:
2 T alum added to 2 C hot tap water. (downsize appropriately eg: 1 T for 1C, 1½ in ½ C, etc.)
Alum can be purchased in any grocery store in the spices isle.
It is generally used in making pickles.

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