Saturday, May 7, 2011

Of Quilling and Queens

The Quilling
I was back in California on business again, but this time Juliet came with me, to attend the North American Quilling Association 2011 Conference in Newport Beach. The conference ran through Friday and Saturday, so Juliet was able to meet with her fellow quillers and has produced this slide show of the event.
I am sure you will enjoy.
Juliet is also planning a quilling project for her May craft evening, which will be featured in a later post.
For information on quilling go to the North American Quilling association web site:

The Queen
We both had Sunday free so we decided to go to Long Beach to visit the Queen Mary, prior to Juliet catching her afternoon flight. The weather was great, and we enjoyed sunshine and blue skies. When we had visited a few weeks earlier it was blowing a gale complete with torrential rain, and we just glimpsed the liner through the rain and mist.

The Queen Mary through the mist

The Queen Mary is “craft” on a massive scale. She is a product of the famous John Brown & Company of Clydebank, and is one of few surviving examples of the Scottish shipbuilding industry, that dominated the maritime world for the later part of the 19th and the first half of the 20th century.
From her elegant upper decks to her massive engines she is a shining example of the many crafts of the early 20th century shipyard.

For more information see:

Juliet on the fore deck

One of the engine room instrument panels

Ready for some delicate craft

The Bridge

The Queen Mary

Long beach with the Villa Riveria in the centre

Sorry it did not get any pictures of the state and function room decor, but I guess I was more interested in the engineering stuff.

There are several more post in the works, for this month, will be back soon.

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