Friday, January 14, 2011

Rotating Booklet

This week finds me on the road, so am taking the opportunity to get a post done in the evening, before I return home tomorrow. We have a busy weekend ahead, in San Marcos, where we will be attending a Ruhi Book 8 study circle. Juliet and I have been preparing some craft activities, and hope to bring you news of them in later posts.

However this post returns to an old standby of ours, the rotating booklets.
This is one we used at the Texas Bahá’í School and the CIC gathering in 2009,
(See Post, and just the other week at the Louisiana Bahá’í School. This is great if you have a large number of people, and is also as simple or complicated as the abilities of the participants. (Everyone can at least add a quote and some stickers)
• Paper A4 or standard letter (in various colours)
• Card stock in the same sizes
• String or yarn
• Grease-proof paper (Cut slightly larger than the finished booklet size)
• Glue Stick
• White or school glue
• Quotes (To Suit)
• Stickers
• Pictures
• Leaves
• Stencils
• In fact any suitable materials you have in your craft supplies

The idea is to choose the theme for the project for example “All art is a gift of the Holy Spirit”, and print a selection of relevant writings.
Make the required number of booklets.
These are made by:
• Cutting, standard letter, or A4 paper in half (use several different colours)
• Fold in half to form a double page
• Do the same with some card stock to form the covers
• Assemble the booklets with about 8 to 10 pages (Or to suit your group size)
• Using and awl drill two holes in the spine
• Tie the booklet together using string
Gather various materials such as, stickers, leaves pictures etc, with which to decorate the booklets.

On the Day:
• Form the participants into groups of 8-10 (If you have a large group)
• Distribute the booklets, and explain that each person should decorate the cover to their taste, using the materials and quotes available. (allow about 8-10 minutes for them to decorate)
• They will then pass the booklet to the person on their right (Or left if you prefer) who will take 8-10 minutes to decorate the next page. (This is where the grease-proof paper comes in; if the decorated page still has wet glue, ink, paint etc. , inset it to prevent the pages sticking together)
• Repeat this process until the book returns to the owner. (Each person can add their name to the page they make)

This activity is a great ice breaker for an intensive study circle or Bahá’í School, and you can extend the times if you want to increase the social interaction element.
Try it out and give us some feedback, or send pictures

More coming soon

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