Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hanging Quotes from Shelly Julian

Thanks to Shelly Julian for the idea for this post.

This concept can be applied to any quote from Book 3.

• Piece of Wood (Wal-Mart has very reasonably priced, thin balsa wood pieces in the craft section)
• Paint for background
• Pencils to write quotes
• 3D paint in bottles for writing quote
• Glue gun or glue depending on the craft materials used
• Miscellaneous craft supplies left over from other projects: we used copper wire, a wooden "O", and acrylic gems

Following Shelly's example I experimented with a plaque of my own, and as you will see my penmanship is not great but it is clear. Note the "shining lamp" symbol. There will be more on how it was made in the next post, which will be just in time for you and your participants to make Ayyam i Ha gifts.

My finished plaque

Since I used the above quotation on the wooden plaque that I made, I thought I would share a memorisation method which I use, and hope that the concept may be of use.

Visual Memorisation Aid

I began using a visual memorization method, when I first started the Ruhi sequence, by drawing simple pictograms and stick people, in a sequence to represent the quote.(My wife Juliet called them my “cave paintings”)
I then went to the more high-tech method of using the vast range of clip-art available in Power Point .
You can use the example provided, but connections which work for one person may not be as obvious, or may not even work for another. The act of converting the quote into a visual form is what helps me memorize and having done the work a quick glance at the images, even after some time, will refresh the memory.
It should also be remembered that not everyone is “visual”, so this method will not work well for everyone. As a tutor it is best to have several methods to suggest to the participant, and let them experiment, to find the method that works best for them, throughout the duration of the study circle.
I have also found that this method is not particularly effective for very long and or complicated quotations.
Please experiment with this method and feel free to contact me with any ideas or questions.

I have a number of such aids for use with various Ruhi books, please contact me if you wish copies.

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  1. I looove it!
    I am going to make these for my kids for Ayyam-i-ha this year.
    I am always searching for Baha'i crafts that will inspire and teach my kids...Thanks for sharing this!