Thursday, September 16, 2010

From the Ridvan Message of 2001

Have decided to start including examples of the guidence relating to the arts and the advancement of the Institute process.
This first is from the 2001 Ridvan message:

"Throughout the endeavour, periodic meetings of consultation in the area need to reflect on issues, consider adjustments, and maintain enthusiasm and unity of thought. The best approach is to formulate plans for a few months at a time, beginning with one or two lines of action and gradually growing in complexity. Those who are actively involved in the implementation of plans, whether members of the institutions or not, should be encouraged to participate fully in the consultations. Other area-wide gatherings will also be necessary. Some of these will provide opportunity for the sharing of experience and further training. Others will focus on the use of the arts and the enrichment of culture. Together, such gatherings will support an intense process of action, consultation and learning."

(The Universal House of Justice, Ridvan 158, 2001 01 09, to the Conference of the Continental)

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