Friday, January 28, 2011

The December 28th 2010 Message.

Once again the folks at Hear the Writings are offering a wonderful study aid. They have just released “The December 28th 2010 Message to the Conference of the Continental Boards of Counsellors” , by The Universal House of Justice.
You can download it for the price of a “Tweet”, or a mention on Facebook, or you can buy it on compact disc, (Which entitles you to an immediate free download in your preferred format to suit your player).
This adds to their growing collection which also includes:

• The 2010 Ridván Message
• The Advent of Divine Justice

As always the quality is excellent.
This is a wonderful way to share the messages, or for personal reflection and study. Our community is gathering to study the letter this weekend and I plan to go "armed" with my iPod.
As I said above you can download the two messages for a “Tweet”, so there is no question of being limited because of inability to pay. However, if you can afford to purchase the discs or CDs please do so and support this service.
Thanks once again to the folks at:

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