Monday, June 21, 2010

Letham Crafts

Where have all the postings gone?
Long time coming
Where have all the postings gone?
Long time ago………………………

I am no doubt showing my age by paraphrasing that old song, but it has been a while –Again I hear you say!!
Anyway we have had quite a bit going on since the last post.
I completed the BPMS150 Houston to Austin ride for MS, in April, and then did a bit of travelling. A few weeks ago Juliet, Tye and I were fortunate to be able to visit our younger son who is currently serving in Haifa,. We were able to visit the Shrines and various other sites in Israel, and had a wonderful visit with Alek.
The picture is of a craft project, which hangs in the apartment he shares with several other volunteers.

So these are the excuses, but what does that have to do with crafts?
Well on the way to Haifa we stopped in Scotland to visit my parents and two sons.

Unfortunately our timing was bad and my mother was traveling but when we visited my father in Forfar we also had the opportunity to visit a unique craft shop.
We took a series of pictures because it is impossible to describe, it has a vast selection of – well just about everything crafty. If you imagine a Hobby Lobby compressed into a regular house you have some idea of the “treasure trove” that awaits the crafter. It is not located in a city or large town but in the picturesque Angus village of Letham.
See their web site for location details
If you are ever in NE Scotland I would recommend you pay them a visit.
This may be the point to issue a “financial health warning” to non-crafting spouses;
It would be wise to take control of the credit cards before turning your spouse loose in this Crafting Aladdin’s Cave.
I will not attempt to describe the shop in detail, but will just let the pictures do the talking.
My Dad and Tye

Juliet with her purchases

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