Monday, September 6, 2010

Floral Arrangement

It’s labour day weekend and the schools are back so thought it was time for another project.
This is a very simple and inexpensive project, with plenty of scope for improvisation, that Juliet found whilst “surfing “ craft sites.

 Gather a number of cardboard tubes
(The kind on the inside of kitchen towels or toilet tissue)
 Press them flat and mark them off in ½” (12mm) increments
 Cut the tube into strips (these will form your petals)

 Take 5 sections and glue then together to form a flower

 Arrange your flowers

 This is the point where you can get really creative, we decided to use acrylic paint to colour the flowers, but you could use crayons or pencils or let your imagination run riot.
 When the paint is dry assemble your floral arrangement.
(This is one disadvantage of painting)

 We chose to use glitter glue to decorate the edges of the petals.

 And here is the final arrangement.

Here are some thoughts for variations:

o Use the small gems, or felt circles, or mini pompoms for the centres
o Use pipe cleaners for stems
o Use a different size tube for petals
o Use them as part of a picture story

Anyway if you have some ideas please share them, this is what the blog is about – participation and sharing our passion for crafts and the Institute process.
Looking forward to hearing and seeing all your ideas

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  1. Easy. . . thanks for the step by step directions. Will give it a go at our next Children's class. . .