Thursday, February 25, 2010

Marble Magnets

Here is a great idea for Ayyam i Ha gifts, or just a fun project for the children’s class or study circle.


• Clear glass marbles (the kind with a flat side)
• Magnets
• Artwork
• Mod Podge or white glue
• Goop glue
• Circular punch (We used a 1” 25.4mm)
• Scissors

There are many sources of suitable artwork; you can download images from the web, use magazines, photographs, or draw your own. The theme used here is “Bahai Stars”, but you can chose your own.

First prepare your artwork. If you do not have a suitable punch you can simply cut out the artwork with scissors. As you will see from the insert on the picture below, the punch has a clear bottom which allows you to align the artwork prior to punching.
Cutting Out
• Spread a thin layer of mod podge on the flat side of the marble with your finger
• Repeat the procedure with the face of the artwork
• Place the artwork on the marble and apply a thin coat of mod podge to the back and smooth down until there are no air bubbles between the glass and the picture.
• Set aside and allow to dry for at least 5 mins

Mod Podging

• Apply a small amount of the “goop” to the magnet
• Press magnet onto the back of the completed marble
• Set aside to dry
Applying the Magnet

Make as many as you like and display on your fridge or give to friends and family.

We hope you enjoy this craft, and be sure to come back to the site with your comments, ideas and friends.


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