Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Egg Project

I am finally settled back home and am able to get back to the blog.
I have been travelling for all of March and most of April, and at the same time training for the BPMS150, which I completed last weekend. It is a bike ride from Houston to Austin to raise funds for the National MS Society.

I see that there has still been interest in the site despite my absence and the lack of new material. I would like to thank everyone for your patience, and plan to remedy the problem with several new posts.
With this weekend seeing the celebration of Easter in the Christian areas of the world, I thought to borrow the idea of the egg hunt, for this post.
It is a very simple project and requires no advanced skills, and can be used for a number of the core activities or other Bahá’í events.
• Hollow plastic or cardboard eggs
• Stickers
• Paper
• Ribbon


First decide on the event you are going to use the eggs for, children’s class; junior youth; study circle; Ridvan; or another Holy Day, and select suitable writings. Print-out the writings so that they are a suitable size to fit inside the egg. You can alternatively write out the quotes.

Decorate the outside of the egg with stickers, or alternatively paint or decorate with markers.
Select your quote and cut to size

Take a wooden skewer or a knitting needle, and roll the quote, as shown, then remove from skewer.
It may be necessary to roll the quote more tightly, and then secure with a piece of ribbon. Tie the ribbon in a bow and trim to length.

Place your “mini scroll” inside the egg, and you are done.
Repeat the process until you have enough eggs for your purpose.

Some ideas for use:

• An egg hunt for children’s class.
• Ayyam i Ha or Ridvan gifts
• To study a prayer for Book 1
• Just to share the word of Baha u llah

Please let us know of other ideas you have.

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  1. Allah'u'abhá dear friends.

    I loved this idea...I'll implement that in my cluster.

    Thank you a lot.
    Kisses from Brazil
    (Tahirih Carreiro)