Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Games People Play

  • One time at the Louisiana Bahá’í School, we played a great “quote” game, that was provided and organized by Wandra White, and Dionne Lombard. (Pictured on the right)
    This is a very simple game and does not require a lot materials or preparation, and is a great “ice-breaker”.

  • Pick a selection of quotes from the writing that are relevant to your event, and the number of participants.
  • Break the quote down into several sections
  • Print or write the sections on to standard 5” X 3” index cards (or use cardstock and then cut up)
  • On the first section of the quote write or print the number of sections in the quote.
  • Place all the cards in a basket or box.
  • Pass the basket round and each participant selects one card.
  • Call out those with the numbered cards

  • The other participant will then match their section to numbered first sections until all the quotes are completed.
The group I was in had a 13 section quote, which was giving us some trouble until someone reached for his “smart phone”. As you can see from the pictures great fun was had by all, but there was also the serious side of studying the writings.

This game will no doubt work better with a larger group but for smaller groups you can keep the section quantity down to 4 or 5.

Thank you Wandra and Dionne for a wonderful game and thanks again to Alek for the pictures

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