Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ruhi Craft: A Review of 2010

Now that most of us have returned home, or the relatives have departed, and we are getting back to the normal routine, I thought it would be good to review “Ruhi Craft 2010”.
This was the first full year of the blog; so how did we do? Well we started well, faded almost to nothing in mid-year, then finished strongly. Looking at the chart below one thing is very obvious; fewer posts = less traffic.
So this year’s resolution is a “no-brainer” - Post much more frequently.
This is where the current readers can help. The blog was always intended as a collaborative project, where numerous people would provide material for posts, as well as making comments and suggestions on them. So if you have any ideas for a post, requests or comments please contact us. Also can you please “follow the blog” (see section in the right hand side panel), tell your friends about it, and if you have a website can you link to Ruhi Crafts.
Below is a summary of the year, with links to the posts, and the relevant core activity highlighted.
Since a blog is not the easiest form to find things in I have created sections listing the core activities, containing links to the relevant posts, in the right hand panel.
The year started with a Junior Youth project in Seabrook
In February Sandra Larkin Douglas shared the secrets of her “coffee filter” flowers, that the Children could make for Ayyam i Ha.
We goofed-off a bit in March, but Shelly Julian’s, “Brilliant Stars” project for Children came to the rescue.
Ruhi Crafts was “posted missing” through April and May, but we did have the bounty of visiting our youngest son Alek who was serving in Haifa. Some pictures from the trip illustrated a December post on Symmetry.
June brought a report on an awesome craft shop we visited, in Scotland, on our way to Haifa.
In July and August we were also AWOL. That must have been because we were training for the “Tour de Pink”, with Team Bahá’ícyclists. (Well that is our excuse – Honest!!)
September saw us back in harness with a floral arrangement project which would be ideal for Junior Youth
Oh! Yeh! Well! – It just slipped by
A Story Book project for Book 2 or 4
We ended the year by, planting naught but the rose of love in the garden of our hearts.
A project suitable for many different events. (All Core Activities)

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  1. Congratulations on your wonderfully successful and helpful blog! Keep it up. :)