Monday, February 7, 2011

The Flowers of One Garden

The idea for this post started with a flower project by Amanda Formaro on the website below.
The construction details are include on the site so I will not repeat them.
Thank you Amanda for the inspiration.
I made some templates for the petals and leaves, but they were only half hearted. :) :)

I made the petals and leaves from marbled construction paper, cut into 80mm strips and then folded it in half. I then assembled as per the website and added, an extra touch with a heart and two small pom-poms.

This in itself can be a project for a children’s class with each child making a flower. (We did have this scheduled for last Sunday’s class but it had to be postponed due to illness.)

But Wait! There's More!
I was about to throw out an empty tissue box when I had the idea to make a garden, or at least a window box.

• Take the box and using wallpaper paste cover it with tissue paper

• Cut the tissue paper out of the opening leaving approximately a 4mm overlap.
• Cut a piece of card slightly larger than the hole

• I covered it with brown marbled construction paper to simulate soil
• Cut three slots slightly smaller than the flower stems (Craft sticks)

• Push the stems though about 5mm and hot glue in place

• Stuff the box with scrunched-up newspaper (or similar) to fill the space
• Slide the soil and flowers into the hole in the box and position. (Be gentle – I was too rough and damaged the box and had to do some repair work)
• Decorate box to suit and add an appropriate quote

NOTE: The right hand flower has a stem cut from cardboard; so if you do not have craft sticks, use cardboard.
This is probably more suitable for junior youth, but you could make a “box garden” to display the flowers from a children’s class. Or with Valentine’s Day the flowers would be a great gift for Moms. (Or Mums).

OK! So there you have a cheap and cheerful project for you classes – give it a go, and please let us have some feedback – did this work for you and what additions did you figure out.

Another HEART project coming for Valentine’s Day.


  1. I missed a craft project?? NOOOOO!!!! Re-do. . .
    Love you all,

  2. Instead of real flower you can use handmade flowers too to give them to someone.
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